Item: Toronto retailer Chris Butcher reacts to the news of a new manga line from Fantagraphics.

Item: Speaking of manga, one of Canada’s two manga publishers, D+Q, has a preview of their new/old Tatsumi graphic novel Black Blizzard.

Item: Silver Snail employee, comics writer, and Wordburglar Sean Jordan talks to Living Between Wednesdays about one of my favourite 1970s characters, Marvel’s Tigra.

Item: A profile of the Boychuks –the brothers behind The Chuckle Bros syndicated comic strip.

Item: Students grapple with moral question of Watchmen [no, the question isn’t “Is this the worst movie ever?”].

Item: Policart Aislin hasn’t been controversial for awhile. Now he’s in hot water over a Montreal Gazette cartoon depicting a woman wearing a Niqab.

Item: There are probably whole sites devoted to comic book film hype, but this report of a Warren Ellis-based Bruce Willis film is sort of in my backyard.

Item: In Shuster Awards news, the venue and host for the June 5 event are online.

Item: Paul Rivoche interview by Jeffery Klaehn, author and cultural commentator.


  1. From the Aislin story on CBC:
    "He has done this before in the past — attacking hijab as well," said Elmenyawi, speaking of the headscarf worn by some Muslim women. "But it is a distasteful way of showing the cartoon and of showing the lock — the woman is locking herself."

    "Why is he advancing those ideas again and claiming this would inspire debate?" he asked.

    uh….. because, as you're comments prove, it did?

    Different points of view clashing is Debate by definition buddy, I wonder if this was a case of the jerno cherry picking the best/worse quote to make the speaker look thoughtless, or if the subject really does not get how free thinking and open discussion actually works. Not knowing either one of them personally, even odds on either i'd say….

    You know when that story broke here, little of the coverage then mentioned waring the vial was a pedagogical problem. That's true!

    Fact not spelled out in the telling of this story so far: French, which I've had the damnedest time learning, is very much spoken at the front of the mouth, the placement of lips and how you speak will make or brake your ability to pronounce the words. True with most languages to some degree but very much with French.

    Her independence and survival in Canada will count on her ability to communicate, if her vial keeps her from leaning the language well, her teachers from being able to teach her, and ultimately from attending the class, then the bars are as apt as it gets.

    An ideologically driven handicap, meant to keep her from being objectified by men, will result in her loosing her independence in a French culture and being further dependent on the men in her life. She has the key, but commitment to a notion of faith means she's throwing it away.

  2. That should have been if her 'veil' keeps her from leaning the language well, dope.

    Wanted to add a thought left out: Not that i think it sounds like the issue was handled very well by the administrators. It sounds like they failed to communicate the practical issues over ethnic ones very well either.

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