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Some links and notes about Canada, comics, and graphic novels for a Monday morning.

Item: Kate Beaton toy ponies. I think these were on sale at the Emerald City con?

Item: Montreal bookseller Monet presents a cartoon interview by Pascal Girard (Jimmy et le Bigfoot).

Item: The cover for the upcoming 3rd volume of Le Front, the anthology published by BDQ collective Front Froid, is now online.

Item: A write-up of Darwyn Cooke’s presentation at The Smithsonian.

Item: Cooke also is doing the chores on one of the Overstreet Price Guide covers.

Item: Ty Templeton announces that the “reprints” of everyone’s fave Canadian superhero comic strip, Hoverboy, are now back online in weekly installments.

Item: Dustin Harbin wants to know if readers think he should switch from daily fiction comic to daily diary comic.

Item: The most recent list of top 300 bestselling/most ordered graphic novels in North America from Diamond distributors (ie, comic shop orders) shows very few Canuck-created works on the list. Sure, there are lots of books illustrated by the likes of Stuart Immonem and Pia Guerra, but not so many examples of non-corporate work-for-hire. I think the highest rank is Skim at #141, followed by Scott Pilgrim 1 and 2 (164, 272). Is that it?

Item: Svetlana Chmakova has a facebook fan page.

Item: Call for papers for a book of essays on Dave Sim and Cerebus.