Item: Delicious nerd quote of the week, from my friend Jeet Heer, which is funnier out of context. “If Indiana Jones existed in the real world he would be stripped of tenure and jailed for 1) stealing numerous native artefacts (which is a legal and ethical offence) and 2) snatching these artifacts from their original place, thus preventing other scholars from seeing the context from which they emerged (a scholarly offence).”
Item: The Shusters blog has the scoop on a pair of Toronto creators doing comics for the UK market.
Item: It’s also through Kevin Boyd at the Shusters that I learned of this DC announcement that Jeff Lemire will be writing a new Atom comic book series, thus completing his transformation from indie creator to corporate comics scrivener (and a maybe transitioning to a decent standard of living in the bargain). Congrats to Jeff on cracking that market –hopefully this will help subsidize the creator-owned books that he made his name with.
Item: Then again, The Losers was a corporate comic book series by Jack Kirby, and it was awesome.
Item: A nice Ty Templeton interview.
Item: Chris Butcher has some retailer-like thoughts on Marvel dumping Diamond as their bookstore distributor.