Rabagliati Optioned, Robinson Rallied
Item: Paul Robinson, the animator whose comic strip idea was stolen by Cinar/Cookie Jar, is back in court because the animation giant appealed his recent victory in the copyright case. Now Montreal artists have rallied to his cause, starting a fundraising website and facebook group, and more to help defray his legal fees.
Item: Missed linking to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. Sorry guys! Maybe I’ll do a separate “round-up” (ahem).
Item: The Comic Book Shoppe, Nepean, ON.
Item: Jeet Heer writes about the worst
comics critic ever
and cubist cartooning. Frank Santoro’s Danzig story at Comics Comics is also vital knowledge.
Item: Ty Templeton is a great humour writer, with a masterful command of voice and absurdity. And I’m just talking about his blog post on tough-guy cartoonists. There is also Hoverboy ephemera! (1 pictured)
Item: Kevin Boyd catches the news that Michel Rabagliati’s Paul books have been optioned for film by Productrices Associés, a production company made up of Nathalie Brigitte Bustos, Karine Vanasse, and André Rouleau (Caramel Films), with a screenplay to be written by director François Bouvier and Rabagliati.