Sonja Ahlers, Julie Doucet, Chapters/Indigo and more
Item: Are there no sequential comics that are intuitive and organic? From an interview with Sonja Ahlers about her upcoming petit livre The Selves (D+Q): “After moving to Montreal in her early 20s, she became a fan of graphic novels by Daniel Clowes and Julie Doucet. ‘I tried to do a sequential comic, but found [the medium] to be too masculine,’ recalls Ahlers, a self-taught artist. ‘My approach is more intuitive and organic, which I find to be a feminine process.”‘
Item: Speaking of Julie Doucet, beautiful prints by her are on exhibit at the UK art gallery Castor and Pollux, which sounds like an oath sworn by Anchorman.
Item: Heather Reissman of Chapter/Indigo talks about the Kobo e-reader and business stuff here. Her new (Canadian) e-reader Kobo is reviewed in the Globe and Post. I think it handles comics in pdf form so far.