um… haven’t done one of these in a while.
Item: The Torontoist blog’s Jamie Bradburn writes about a vintage illo by Lou Skuce, found in the Goblin magazine, Toronto’s answer to Life or The New Yorker.
Item: Jeet Heer talks about the end of the Annie strip to CBS and about Nancy for Comics Comics.
Item: Chester Brown spills the beans about his ex Sook-Yin Lee, and provides a poster for her new movie.
Item: The Beguiling is throwing a release party for the final Scott Pilgrim book.
Item: Cameron Stewart has a new sketchbook minicomic.
Item: During the C-List’s hiatus, U.S. publisher Bueneventura Press closed its doors. The tiny press put out one of the biggest comics ever (KE7) and some of the smallest (Tom Gauld). They even published me (in an issue of Comic Art). Alvin Bueneventura is a visionary publisher with great taste and a dedication to comic art bordering on the saintly, and we should be saddened by the passing of his company. Last Gasp will handle BP’s remaining stock. Chris Butcher has some notes.
Item: Rod Filbrandt’s Wombat strip from the Georgia Straight is finally collected.
Item: I think I missed this? Rina Piccolo talks to the Star about her new webcomic Velia, Dear.
Item: Marc Bell’s European Tour.
Item: Congrats to the Graphic Novel Group –a book club for comics in London, Ont. celebrating its one-year anniversary.
Item: Michael Deforge interview on Inkstuds.
Item: Seth’s covers for the Walrus are now available as a print!.