Item: A fairly thorough report with photos of that Scott Pilgrim launch at the Beguiling from a few weeks back.
Item: The latest Inkstuds is a roundtable with Frank Santoro, Brandon Graham, James Stokoe, and Michael DeForge about the concept of fusion and the wide-open field of non-traditional, multinational “salad-bar style” comics art being produced by the youngest generation of cartoonists. I listened to this podcast while compiling the Bestseller List and found it fun and stimulating, and you may as well, even if you disagree with some of the premises of the discussion.
Item: A very nicely edited impressionistic video from the San Diego Comic-con by Stuart Immonen.
Item: Speaking of San Diego, Jillian Tamaki has posted a beautiful sketchbook comic report of her first visit to the con.
Item: Heidi MacDonald of the Beat also has her final report with some nicely evocative prose.
Item: As does Kevin Boyd at the Shusters blog.
Item: The Toronto Cartoonist Workshop has moved.
Item: A nice critique of the bestselling 500 Years of Resistance.
Item: George Elliot Clarke reviews a grab-bag of comics new and old.
Item: Quebec statistics show Michel rabagliati’s latest Paul book was the #34 bestselling book in the province in 2009.