The snow has all melted, springtime is in the air. TCAF 2011 is coming up and we’re preparing to publish the 3rd edition of Sequential Pulp!

Working on this year’s cover which I hope to preview within a week, I’m happy to say that this year’s printing sponsorship is with K6C POSTCARDS. And our very cool sponsors so far include Koyama Press, AdHouse Books, Conundrum Press and maybe you?
We have a limited number of spaces available to folks in the comics business and related arts & paper crafts. Publishers Creators and Retailers are all welcome!
As last year, [ click on the cover to the right to check it out ] we will present a totally free B&W 30 page magazine at this years Toronto Comic Art Festival May 7 and 8.
We’ll have comics from several stars and up and comers of Canadian Comics, including Michael Nicoll Yahgulaanas, Nina Bunjevac, Dakota McFadzean, Michèle Laframboise, Samara Leibner, Simon Roy, Nick Maandag, Aaron Costain, Ty Templton, myself Salgood Sam, & Fiona Smyth!
Along with lots of articles, interviews and reviews from Sequential regulars Bryan Munn, David Hains & Dalton Sharp. As well as ringers like Robin McConnell, Robert Pincombe & Robin Fisher! [the three ‘R’s?].

Our first print edition, offered at TCAF 2009.
On top of all that, (depending on what information is available when we go to press) we’ll include some listings of things going on during and around TCAF, listings of new books to look for, and other bits of relevant information offering a well rounded complementary guide to comics and the show for visitors.
It’s going to be packed with good stuff, with at least 500 copies distributed widely at the event. I personally pass out copies to interested parties and place them strategically around the floor, by the main entrance and with featured artists and publishers to give away with purchases. So far I’ve never left the show with any leftovers or abandoned surplus, and interest and excitement over the magazine has grown with each issue. I’m proud to say we’re establishing a reputation as a high quality and entertaining publication.
For our very cool sponsors, it’s a great way to help support and participate in the Canadian comics scene, and a cheap way to put your business or art in front of hundreds of the tens of thousands of people who show up each year at the Toronto Reference Library for the event. Also you’ll be name-dropped and thanked here on the site.
And as with previous issues we’ll host PDF versions of the magazine online permanently, including your sponsorship ad and credit.

So that’s the deal, here are the sponsorship options.

For a $40 sponsorship you get an interior quarter page space,
$45 for an inside front or back cover quarter page spot.

To take over a half a page it’s $80 inside the cover
or a $70 sponsorship for an interior half page space.

Or if you’re on a budget
we’re offering $25 sponsorship opportunities
in return for 1/8th spots.

If you want to get together with some friends groups are welcome
to take out spaces and divide them up as they wish.
The Magazine’s dimensions are 8″x11″.

Deadline for sponsors is April 15th, all graphics must be handed in by April the 20th.

We take paypal or direct deposits via interact.

Update: you can track the fundraising progress on the top right of the page now.
We’re nearly half way there already!

Contact us to participate soon!
Max aka Salgood Sam