The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo took place this past weekend, along with the Joe Shuster Awards. Below you will find my initial linkdump of news and reports from the event. Not sure if I will continue to update this list or just post another one when I have time. The big news from the con, besides the Shuster winners and some teasing hype from DC Comics, seems to be the non-news that con-guest William Shatner will not be appearing in the next Star Trek film. At least this is the story I have seen posted on a million blogs while I researched this post. That and the incredible breakdancing Gorilla from the Calgary zoo (not a guest of the con but maybe next year?).
Item! The creator of Space Pest Removal has a report of his sales experience with some photos.
Item! The DC blog about DC news from the con.
Item! Hellboy III movie news from Mignola at the con.
Item! A short report from Artist’s Alley.
Item! Danielle Corsetto of the Girls With Slingshots webcomic raves about the con.
Item! A Father’s Day photoset, including knitted Dalek.
Item! Manapul and more Flashpoint news.
Item! Illustrator Jason Palmer has a report with photos.
Item! Drunk and Exhausted comics about Kate Beaton and Portly Wolverine.
Item! The Shuster Awards, in Pictures!
Item! A full weekend report from a cosplayer vantage-point.
Item! Kevin at the Fabler blog reports: “A hectic mess of awesome.”
Item! Is Gail Simone’s new Batgirl series going to be too violent?
Item! Roller Derby vs Superheroes bout.
Item! Some great photos from the con.
Item! David Malki’s Wondermark has a fun update.
Item! Skeptic and con virgin has a photo blog report.
Item! Random photos.