(see Roundup Part 1 here)

More links from this past weekend’s Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.
Reading some blogs, it seems that organizers were predicting a crowd of 30,000 but I haven’t read an official announcement yet. Regardless, the con seems like it must remain one of the biggest such events in the country. Tons of photos on Facebook and Flickr.
Item! People, people, people. I have some news. If Kate Beaton is attending an event you are at, you will have some stiff competition in terms of getting people to look at your reports. Case in point: Beaton’s nice and cute and humourous sketchbook strips based on her experience at the Calgary Comic Expo. (that’s a preview above)
Item! Kevin De Vlaming at The Fabler blog continues his excellent coverage of the con: a thorough interview with Kevin Boyd of the Shuster Awards.
Item! Con organizers didn’t use Twitter effectively, according to this first-time attendee.
Item! Megan Robinson of Calgary’s 660 News has an actual news article.
Item! Didn’t see too many Canadian characters in cosplay, with the exception of Wolverine, ReBoot, and Spawn.
Item! I neglected to mention that my fave photo from the round-up yesterday was this one
featuring an 80s Wonder Man cosplayer. The history of Wonder Man costumes and their designers is the history of modern superhero comics.
Item! Boughts, thoughts, and some actual criticisms/suggestions from the woman behind Fangasmic.
Item! Fan artist Johny Luu has some great cosplay pics.
Item! Creepiest photo and commentary?
Item! What if Tom Selleck was cast as Sinestro?
Item! Video, afterparty, and roller derby.
Item! A Little Vampires photo-comic about the con.
Item! Another con virgin presents a thorough report from an outsider’s perspective.
Item! Ronn Sutton’s Excerpts.
Item! A full report, including Neal Adams and Mike Mignola quotes, from Keven Skinner at The Daily Blam.
Item! Con veteran Ryan Ferrier puts the Calgary Expo in perspective with a short report.
Item! Elvira and Julian Sands. Also, Elvira in her limo.
Item! J. Torres has some thoughts about an early X-Men character.
Item! Diaperman’s con aftermath (I’m very confused).
Item! A writer who writes back to readers.