Item! Seems like I’m missing more events than I’m catching this month. Must be those Summertime Blues. Missed it: Girls Day Out at Paradise Comics in Toronto.
Item! Kenton Smith reviews Snaps by Rebecca Kraatz (Conundrum), Killing Velasquez by Philippe Girard (Conundrum), and The Next Day by Paul Peterson, John Porcellino and Jason Gilmore (Pop Sandbox) for the Globe and Mail’s Graphica column.
Item! The Shuster Awards blog has a helpful list of comics programming for this coming weekend’s Fan Expo Canada convention in Toronto. Helpful mainly because Fan Expo has a lot of non-comics programming that sometimes obscures the comic book stuff. There is a floorplan here so you can locate your fave funnybook creators when they are not involved in a panel or other event.
Item! At Comic Book Daily, Scott Vanderploeg provides a guide to buying comics at Fan Expo that I found entertaining, especially in the comments, and a list of fave guests who will be at the con.
Item! For the first time, Image Comics will be setting up at Fan Expo and there will be several Image-featured panels/events. Chief among the attractions will be Jim Zub of Skullkickers fame.
Item! Lastly, Sequential’s own Salgood Sam will be setting up with the gang from Royal Academy of Illustration and Design including I think the Transmission X folks here.


  1. Jim passed me a copy of Skullkickers, will try to write it up in the next week or so…

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