Item! NOT BAD FOR LONDON, a group show in London, Ont a featuring the work of: Marc Bell, James Kirkpatrick, Amy Lockhart, Jason McLean, Peter Thompson, Jamie Q and Billy Bert Young. This looks to be a major retrospective of an important and fun ongoing chapter in Canadian art and comix, well worth checking out. Hmmm, Not Bad for London!
Item! Following yesterday’s peak at the upcoming new book by Guy Delisle, Drawn and Quarterly have released their Winter 2011 and Spring 2012 Catalogues. Upcoming books include Matt Forsythe’s Jinchalo, a sequel of sorts to Ojingogo; Michael Cho’s collection of beautiful sketches of Toronto, Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes; and Seth’s Palookaville 21, with 50 pages of Clyde Fans, diary comics and a magazine-style feature of forgotten Canadian cartoonist (for real) Jacques Gagnier. As well, D+Q will publish their regular cadre of stellar international work. Check it out.
Item! The Shuster Awards blog hips us to a new book about air ace Billy Bishop, Lone Hawk by John Lang. As well, now available for purchase is Willow Dawson’s Hyena in Petticoats: The Story of Sufragette Nellie McClung.
Item! Finally, cartoonist David Lester will be one of the exhibitors at this weekend’s Canzine West (Festival of Zines and Independent Culture), Sunday, November 13, 1-7 pm. Ukrainian Hall, 805 E. Pender St., Vancouver, BC.