catching up with some news from across the land…
Item! Kate Beaton illustrates an article about her various reading habits and positions for the Globe and Mail.
Item! Did you know that Dave “Glamourpuss” Sim wrote a comic book for Image in 2006 called Gun Fu: Showgirls Are Forever? Me neither.
Item! Alice Quinn’s Quintessential Comics interviews Ramon Perez at the launch of his Jim Henson-scripted graphic novel, A Tale of Sand.
Item! The Inkstuds podcast this week features legendary troublemakers Aaron Costain, Dustin Harbin, and John Martz talking with host Robin McConnell about the best of 2011 comics.
Item! Chester Brown talks to Playboy blog The Smoking Jacket about his Paying For It memoir and about getting a letter from Hugh Hefner.
Item! If you know your Canadian comics history, you know that Canada had a thriving comic book industry in the 1940s when imports of U.S. superheroes, cowboys, and funny animals were restricted. What may be less known over here is that the UK had a similar short-lived industry, in addition to their traditional weekly comics and annuals. Now there is a limited edition book collecting some of these comics, The Great British Fantasy Comic Book Heroes, as Lew Stringer explains.
Item! The Shuster Awards has posted its tentative list of eligible creators from 2011. That’s quite a respectable group of comics work. If you would like to make sure your 2011 comic is considered for the Shusters, you should check it out.
Item! Speaking of John Martz, the cartoonist recently tackled the news of changes to Tim Horton’s serving sizes for the Globe.
Item! More on the battle for control of Betty and Veronica.
Item! Apparently, Keith Jones has a new comic soon.
Item! Jason Thompson provides a considered expert opinion about why the manga industry is dying in North America AND in Japan.(via The Beat)
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