01 – Keith Grachow’s Journey Into The Arts with Hope L. Nicholson and Rachel Richey by Sequential Radio on Mixcloud

In this first episode of Journey Into The Arts Keith chats with Hope L. Nicholson and Rachel Richey, comic book historians/producers and archivists. Producers on the Lost Heroes documentary just recently released, and the faces behind the wildly successful Kickstarter to restore and reprint Nelvana of the Northern Lights, a comic book from the Golden Age of Canadian comics. Hope & Rachel joined Keith in his studio on a cold day this past January to talk about archiving and comics history.

Sequential has been looking for ways to expand our content, bring in new contributors and keep things vital. Founded originally by Salgood Sam in an effort to give Canadian comics a more visible voice amidst the global market, we’ve benefited from the dedicated efforts of a small group of all volunteer roster of content creators. Bryan Munn has been the longest active standing contributor after Salgood, and we recently were joined by Rachel Richey who you’ll hear in this podcast and Colin Upton, west coast underground comix legend.

The latest addition to the family is independent comic creator and illustrator Keith Grachow. Based out Toronto Keith will be hosting a series of podcast interviews called Journey Into The Arts

He’ll be talking with many of Canada’s leading sequential artist and those intimately involved with the community. Exploring how they started, their process, and what they are currently involved with now and into the future. Join this conversation series and listen to them chat about the Canadian sequential arts experience!

Nelvana of the Northern Lights
Library and Archives Canada