First Up: 1940s Johnny Canuck!

by BK Munn

Just in time for Canada Day, Sequential’s own comic book historian Rachel Richey has announced that she has obtained publication rights to characters of 1940s Canadian publisher Bell Features.

These “Golden Age” wartime comics will be published as complete collections starting with Leo Bachle’s Johnny Canuck strip, followed by Murray Karn’s Thunderfist, and Adrian Dingle’s The Penguin.

According to Richey, “Johnny Canuck is part of an incredible stable of Canadian superheroes created during the second world war. Perhaps the most prominent of these figures, Canuck was the personification of the Canadian war effort, facing the Nazi regime and even Hitler himself!”

Hot on the heels of Richey’s contribution to the successfully Kickstarted CGA Comics’ publication, Nelvana of the Northern Lights, Richey will be collecting and reprinting all 28 issues of the Johnny Canuck character.