Cartoonist and Military History enthusiast Colin Upton, has been posting a series of ‘tea of the day’ clips that I think you’ll find quite unexpectedly perfect. It’s called “Todays Tea”.
I’m wondering why he doesn’t have a job on the CBC or something.
I’ve been enjoying them on FB and now he’s set up a YouTube channel for them! The man is a natural I tell ya! Enjoy!

Colin Upton is a founding member of the cloudscape collective in BC, and long time underground cartoonist, with a prolific body of work predominately in the auto-bio and historical vein! And an occasional contributor to this blog!

Colin's table at Vancaf 2014  The banner reads: " Colin Upton Comics" "Finest hand-crafted artisan mini-comics since 1985" "You lucky, lucky bastards"
Colin’s table at Vancaf 2014
The banner reads:
” Colin Upton Comics”
“Finest hand-crafted artisan mini-comics since 1985”
“You lucky, lucky bastards”