So the new cover for Charlie Hebdo was leaked last night and the new issue comes out tomorrow so I thought I’d squeeze a few more links to Canadian responses to the killings in Paris and the subsequent outpouring of support and critical dialogue about censorship and political cartooning. The issue has a rumoured print run of 3 million copies and will be printed in three languages. Does anyone know if it will be available in Canada?
[Update: according to this Global tv article, there is one magazine distributor who imports on average 100 issues of Charlie Hebdo into Canada every week. Most go to Montreal/Quebec but a handful are usually available at Gateway Newstands at Yonge Street and St. Clair Avenue in Toronto. The article also notes that Chapters/Indigo is working on carrying the mag.]
Item! Cartoonist Grahame Arnould writes on “true evil” for Vancouver’s The Straight newspaper.
Item! U.S. cartoonist Molly Norris is still in hiding four years after drawing Muhhamad as a teacup and a domino and suggesting a national “everyone draw Muhammad day”.
Item! The National Post covers the leaking of the image by reposting the actual cover of the new Charlie Hebdo issue by Luz. The Post is one of the few English-language Canadian papers to re-publish the Hebdo covers.
Item! Something I didn’t see last week was this CTV interview with The Globe and Mail’s Brian Gable and The Gazette’s Aislin.
Item! Julie Doucet.
Item! Jesse Brown’s Canadaland blog post on the killings and Canadian response. Brown is the journo who helped break the Ghomeshi news and his words seem to carry some weight as a counter-balance to “mainstream” Canadian media. Brown’s position is that the Charlie cartoons are racist and that, in today’s media/google-verse, nothing is served by republishing them except to “rebroadcast pernicious stereotypes of Muslims across a country where ¾ of the population is white and where media institutions are packed to the gills with pasty old men. And, if I choose not to take part in or rebroadcast racism with said pasty old men, the free speech of racists is not imperilled.”
Item! Not Canadian, but a nice corrective to all the “pencil is mightier than the sword” cartoons. An essay about “the hypocrisy of pencils” from an Australian lefty magazine.
Item! Mark Connery.
Item! Another backgrounder on the place of Charlie Hebdo in French culture (for those who still don’t know, Charlie was an anti-racist, anti-poverty, left-leaning magazine that made fun of all organized religion equally) that also tries to get at the roots of violent Islamic fundamentalism and the true causes of this tragedy. This one is by French activist Olivier Tonneau.
Item! A longish strip by Quebec cartoonist Zvianne in which Jesus walks us through the controversy. And a reader response.