by BK Munn
Drawn and Quarterly announced today they will be releasing a follow-up to the bestselling Hark, A Vagrant collection by Kate Beaton for September, 2015. Entitled Step Aside, Pops, the book is “named after Beaton’s cartoon featuring a feisty velocipedestrienne, boasts more than 150 pages of her work, mixing new material and cartoons previously published on the webcomic she began in 2007,” according to an interview in The LA Times.
Beaton’s last book was a bestseller in the U.S. and Canada, making this follow-up long overdue.
The book will be edited by D+Q’s Tom Devlin. “Kate’s wit is sharper than ever in Step Aside, Pops,” said Devlin. “She’s found the perfect way to explore her love of history, while effortlessly deflating the pompous, self-righteous figures of authority we were taught to respect in school. Her restlessness has made her drawings even funnier.”