coverBy Salgood Sam
Ronn showed me some of this work over the summer at one of the cons we crossed paths at. He’s pretty excited about the new book, Lucifers Sword MC. A new 96-page high-octane graphic novel published by Motorbooks, their first foray into comics I believe. Ronn himself is a comics veteran, best known for work on Elvira: Mistress of the Dark and Starbikers.
Lucifers Sword MC is a fictionalized insiders look at life in a U.S. biker club from the late 1940s through to the 1970s. Written by Phil Cross, a Hells Angel. The characters in Lucifers Sword MC are based on real bikers – including Cross, who appears as the club’s newest member, Frenchie.
Ronn told me he enjoyed doing the research for this one, and tried to make it a book that both experts and outsiders to biker culture would enjoy. “This is the biggest project I’ve worked on in my 40-plus year career as a comics artist. For five months I drew 15 hours per day, 7 days a week, trying to do my best work ever.”
Here’s the cover art and a couple of pages to check out. Lucifers Sword MC: Life and Death in an Outlaw Motorcycle Club has international distribution and should be available in your local bookstores, comic book shops, be sure to ask them for it. You’ll be able to order it via Amazon online. Not to mention, I’m sure Ronn will have it with him for Convention appearances throughout 2015 and on.
Lucifer’s Sword MC : Life and Death in an Outlaw Motorcycle Club
Phil Cross (author) – Ronn Sutton (author)
Paperback, 96 pages, 6 x 9 in.
Item Number: 214941 – EAN (ISBN-13): 978-0760346587
Publication Date: January 2, 2015 – Publisher: Motorbooks
Listed price: $22.99