by BK Munn
Drawn & Quarterly has added Carpet Sweeper Tales, a new collection of photo-comics by Julie Doucet, to their 2016 publishing schedule. In the style of much of her post-Dirty Plotte collage work, Doucet’s short stories use images from vintage women’s magazines to tell tales of “love and travel between characters sitting in classic cars, driving through cities and pristine countryside,” according to a press release from the publisher.
Carpet Sweeper Tales is the first Doucet book from D+Q since 2007’s autobio journal book 365 Days but the artist has had a ton of new work in print since then, in both French and English, through a group of diverse publishing houses ranging from Picturebox to L’Oie de Cravan to L’Association, and beyond. Most recently Minneapolis’s 2Dcloud published her Art Scrap Craft zine. Doucet also self-publishes, and has recently created the imprint Le pantalitaire.
Doucet was recently part of a D+Q profile by The New York Times, on the occasion of the publication of D+Q’s giant 25th Anniversary book, wherein she was cited as one of the major cartoonists of the last several decades.