By Will Wellington
‘Sup, you good? We’re keepin’ this C-List short and to the point–who needs ‘g’s? 
C-List 1Item! Last Friday, Everyday Artistry posted an interview with Meags Fitzgerald, author of Photobooth: A Biography.
Item! The University of Windsor announced that its fall Writer-in-Residence program will this year for the first time become a Cartoonist-in-Residence program. The cartoonist in question (and in residence) is Scott Chantler, author of the historical drama Two Generals, Northwest Passage, and Three Thieves, all of them acclaimed.
Item! Cory Silverberg’s new forward-thinking picture book, Sex is a Funny Word, is receiving big write-ups for its treatment of transgender and identity politics. This Maclean’s piece (which, strangely, fails to mention illustrator Fiona Smyth) speaks to a number of writers and educators about the book and its subject matter (including the author of Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress, who recounts that book’s poignant real-life inspiration).
C-List 2Item! This week’s C-List so far includes abundant evidence of the shifting comics landscape–an interview with the female creator of a major art comic, recognition of the cultural significance of comics by the academy, progressive picture books. It’s all there. The Beguiling’s erudite Christopher Butcher detailed some of the ways the industry has changed (and continues to resist change) in a blog post this week. This is highly recommended reading.
Item! To continue in a similar vein, VIZ (you know, one of those publishers specializing in that blockbusting manga that, depending on whom you talk to, may or may not be real comics) released a brief video interview, conducted in October 2014, with Faith Erin Hicks, author of Demonology 101The Adventures of Superhero GirlFriends with Boys, and the forthcoming The Nameless City.
Item! Finally, before you all go wild on the weekend (stay safe, don’t do drugs, look both ways, use protection), check out Hope Nicholson’s The Secret Loves of Geek Girls Kickstarter, which closes this evening (at more than triple its goal).
(And check out Annie Koyama on Bojack Horseman, for the lulz.)
(Oh yeah, and Dave Cooper and Johnny Ryan have a new cartoon for Nickelodeon.)
That’s all, folks!
Will Wellington lives in Guelph.