By Will Wellington
“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “For another C-List by that lazy fucker what’s-his-name. That intern.”
“It’s Will Wellington, BAH UoG 2015,” I murmured into a small glass of craft beer, drawing a circle in the dust with my toe.
C-List 1Item! Comic Book Resources posted an interview with Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu about their new DC series Black Canary, which looks awesome. Montreal guy Fletcher is a big player in the DC world right now, with two hit series (Batgirl and Gotham Academy) under his belt.
Item! This next bit is staaaaale by internet standards, but, hey, I just saw it, so deal! A new Emily Carroll story entitled “The Groom” went up a couple weeks ago at Koala Parties, a Tumblr run by Carroll’s wife Kate Craig.
Item! Naomi Fry reviewed the recently reissued Melody by Sylvie Rancourt, an important early instalment in the transgressive confessional autobiographical comic genre (a coiner of genres I am not), for The Comics Journal.
Item! Joe Matt recently wrote his own dialogue for a portion of his buddy Chester “Chesty” Brown’s Paying for It (another book about sex work that comes up in the aforementioned Melody review). The result, entitled “Paid for It,” is pretty damn funny, and available on Facebook.
Item! La Fabrique posted a video profile of the four creators collaborating on the Rashomon-esque De Concert.
Item! Stroppy‘s Marc Bell (who maybe inadvertently invented the inescapable Minions) interviewed Joe Hale for The Comics Journal.
That’s all, folks!
Will Wellington lives in Guelph.