By Will Wellington
Uh oh, here it comes! A veritable barrage of comics news from **the week that was**! Excuse me while I take cover under another piece of cheesecake….
C-List1Item! Marc Bell appeared on Robin McConnell’s Inkstuds podcast with Brandon Graham and Owen Plummer to chat about his new book Stroppy.
Item! Emily Carroll has illustrated a new book penned by Marika McCoola. It’s called Baba Yaga’s Assistant and it’s out now from Candlewick. Check out a preview via Comics & Cola. (Baba Yaga’s lookin kinda Ice King-y, amiright?)
Item! D&Q previewed Kate Beaton’s upcoming new Hark! A Vagrant collection, Step Aside, Pops.
Item! The Ottawa branch of Silver Snail will close its doors after twenty-five years of doing business in the nation’s capital. September thirteenth will be the store’s last day. Read a post detailing the closing here.
Item! BC historian Michael Kluckner, who used to be a cartoonist back in the day before becoming known for his non-fiction books Vanishing British Columbia and Vanishing Vancouver, has released a graphic novel called Toshiko. The book, Kluckner’s first graphic novel, follows the story of the titular girl, a young Japanese Canadian growing up in a time of intense prejudice. He spoke with the CBC about the book … a few weeks ago. Ok, I’m running short on news, ok?
That’s all, folks!
Will Wellington really needs to start doing more research for these things.