by BK Munn
News and links from the big comics-related event in Toronto this past weekend. Nobody writes show reports on their “blogs” anymore so I don’t have any comics news or opinions to share, beyond some generalized complaints and raves on Facebook and cosplay, cosplay, cosplay. No dealer reports, except some anecdotal Facebook comments as well. It was busy all over. Artists Alley is a mess. That’s about it. Here’s what I got:
Item! I’m not sure if this is technically Fan Expo news, but writer Ed Brisson announced that he and original artist George Freeman are teaming up for a new run on a continuing Captain Canuck series. I like both those creators quite a bit so that’s good news.
Item! Bleeding Cool’s Hannah Means Shannon talks to Fan Expo’s James Armstrong about what goes into organizing the show.
Item!The Toronto Star profiles cosplayers.
Item! Fan Expo guests/DC artists David and Meredith Finch and Jeff Lemire are profiled by their hometown paper in Windsor.
Item! The connection between the “popular” culture being promoted by Fan Expo and the all-encompassing world of finance capital is made clear.
Item! The Mego Museum rounds up Canadian superhero merch at the show.
Item! Mark Shainblum and Northguard.
Item! Ramon Perez and Gibson Quarter of RAID Studio on Canada AM.
Item! Maybe they hate Canada? DC and Marvel don’t have a big presence in terms of staff and panels at Toronto, compared to other big cons. So no big announcements and few “star” guests. This according to Diana McCallum at Bleeding Cool.
Item! Kalman Andrasofsky, the artist behind the designs for the new Captain Canuck costume, poses with his Kebec character.
Item! And finally, speaking of Canadian cosplay, this takes the Sequential prize.
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(top image via the CC Twitter feed)