Kids Book: The Bad Mood and the Stick by Lemony Snicket and Matthew Forsythe Due Fall 2017

by BK Munn
Award-winning cartoonist Matt Forsythe tweeted out a surprise image of the cover of his new children’s book yesterday. “The Bad Mood and the Stick” is written by Lemony Snicket and illustrated by Forsythe and will be published by Little Brown in October. Forsythe, the former lead designer on the Adventure Time tv show, is the author of graphic novels (Ojingogo) and several kids books (Do Not Open This Book). His star is obviously on the rise as an in-demand illustrator for those in-the-know and Snicket, who has a knack for choosing great artistic collaborators, is definitely in-the-know.
By: Lemony Snicket
Illustrated By: Matthew Forsythe
ISBN: 9780316392785
Publisher: Little, Brown Books For Young Readers
Imprint: Little, Brown Books For Young Readers
On Sale: Oct. 3, 2017
Price: $17.99
Size: 8-1/2″ X 9-1/2″
Pages: 48