Zine Bible Offers Cash Prize for Best Zines and Category for Comics

by BK Munn
Broken Pencil magazine has announced a new prize for zines. The publication declared itself open to submissions from several categories in order to reward “the most creative and cutting-edge zine creators with the Broken Pencil Zine Awards.” It costs $20 to submit a zine and prizes of $200 for best in category and $400 for best overall will be handed out sometime after the submission deadline of August 15. There are also trophies involved. It looks like the scope of the awards  is worldwide. The categories are as follows, quoting directly from the BP website. Comics folks might be interested in the 3rd one, “Comics/art zine”:

Political zine – zines dealing with issues of oppression, activism, organizing, political identity, intersectionality, feminism, anti-racism, queer struggles, political histories and resistance

Perzine – author series, diary zines, personal reflections & essays, thought bubbles, etc

Art/comic zine –  indie/underground comix, mini-comics, silkscreeny/risographed/special printed zines, design-oriented stuff, illustrations, photography, 3D and conceptual, artbooks etc

DIY/how-to zine – teach me to love! Or at least how to home make gummy bear molds or how to repair my bike chain. Recipes, fermentation, home mechanics, crafts, hacking, maker vibes, gardening, farming, traveling, guides, skillshares, etc!

Literary zine – poems, stories, flash fiction, serializations, chapbooks, literary experiments, post-literature, text as art and all that stuff

Submission link and more info here.

Broken Pencil