It’s been a while since we did one of these. Time for a rundown of some of the highlights from the Canadian Comics feeds and things of related interest! If you have a story, write us, or share it to our FB page or group, ideally include links and art too!

Slam-Bang Comics No. 7 cover by Murray Karn

Item:  Check out some classic old Canadian Comics on comicbookdaily. Slam-Bang Comics No. 7, with a cover date of May, 1946!  One of the first post-WWII colour comic books from Canada, with work by Lou Skuce, Adrian Dingle, and more! Check out those Yellow Indians getting knocked out by the hero, and a suspiciously asian looking green bad guy in Dingle’s story. Some classic stereotyping in four colours! Lots of that in there, along with some nice comic art for the times. Good to remember for the good and the bad.

Item:  Finalists for the 2018 Prix des Libraires//Bookseller’s Prize of Québec were announced!. The nominees are…


  1. L’esprit du camp, vol.1, by Michel Falardeau​ & Cab​ (Studio Lounak​)
  2. Betty Boob, by Vero Cazot​ & Julie Rocheleau​ (Casterman)
  3. Titan, by François Vigneault​ (Éditions Pow Pow​)


  1. La Terre des fils, by Gipi (Futuropolis)
  2. Une sœur, Bastien Vivès (Casterman)
  3. Oublie mon nom, Zerocalcare (Cambourakis)

It’s the 25th anniversary of the Prix des Libraires and the first year they have included a prize for Comics//Bande Dessinée. The Québec prize includes a $3000 cash reward as well! Nice. Look for the results here May the 9th.

Item: Vancouver artist Anna Bron has a new Comic that illustrates a refugee family’s bleak arrival in Vancouver and hope for the future. A mother and her two daughters, tourists from Russia, had not planned to come to Vancouver. They spoke no English and knew no one here.

Item: I posted a new video of time lapsed inking and a voice over podcast where I ponder dealing with the stresses of being a freelancer.

Item:  Have you seen Jai Granofsky’s True Dreams, in comics? This is his first but he’s done a few now.

Item: Robb Mirsky rolled out his new website,  it’s got a substantial comics sections you should go explore immediately here!

Item:  John MacLeod has new Dishman comics! Dishman #11 is coming soon to print I hear, a preview of it was posted to Facebook!

Item: Tabulit Webcomics has some new comics and reviews. The up and coming site is evolving rapidly, go check out what’s been up!

“Being a relatively new webcomic publisher still, we try to provide as many webcomic reviews and previews as possible with the greatest variety. This week, we load up a lot of webcomic humour including a new title about humanity and pop culture. We hope you enjoy! We’d like to also welcome all our backers from our last Kickstarter project Furr. Thanks for your support!”

Item: STRANGEBEARD is back, page 102 sports a ghostly vampire pirate Captain Morder and the sea monster Sargassus making plans!

Item: BC comic Eiser winning artist Emily Carroll has adapted Laurie Halse Anderson’s ‘Speak’ to life as a Graphic Novel. There’s an Exclusive Excerpt of the work available here to read on Paste!

Item:  Political cartoonist Barry Blitt, has a show hosted by OCAD coming up!

Item: Sunday Buntoons takes on the legacy of the minstrel show in cartooning!

Item: The Weird World of Lagoola Gardner by Zach Worton, drops on 02/15/2018!

Lagoola Gardner #theweirdworldoflagoolagardner

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Ok, that’s it for now. Catches us up from the first of the month! I’ll be back in a monday or two to update again with the latest. For more timely feeds subscribe to the Facebook page and set your alerts to get daily updates!