by BK Munn
The winners of the Joe Shuster Awards, “recognizing outstanding achievement in the creation of comic books, graphic novels and webcomics” in Canada, have been announced and as usual the list is full of variety and some great comics.  I’m not sure if the Awards will have an official ceremony this year, but congratulations to the winners!
WRITER: Jim Zub. From writing videogame comics to his own Image series to being one of the freshest faces at Marvel, Zub has had quite the career arc so far. He won for his work on Uncanny Avengers for Marvel, Dungeons & Dragons (IDW), Glitterbomb (Image), Wayward (Image) and Freelance (Chapterhouse).
COVER ARTIST:  Djibril Morissette-Phan. The house cover-artist for Canadian upstart publisher Chapterhouse.
ARTIST: Stuart Immonen. The popular pro had a well-received run as illustrator on Amazing Spider-Man last year.

CARTOONIST: Jeff Lemire. Lemire won notices for two graphic novel projects: Roughneck (Gallery 13) and the serialized Royal City (Image).
WEBCOMIC: Gisele Lagace and David Lumsdom for the sexy Menage a 3.
GENE DAY AWARD (SELF-PUBLISHING):  This award has two categories, Single Creator/Team and Anthology.
Jenn Woodal for her anxiety chronicle, Marie and Worrywart.
Various Creators, Moonshot: The Idigenous Comics Collection, Vol 2 (AH Press)
HARRY KREMER RETAILER AWARD: Gotham Central, Mississauga, Ontario.
DRAGON AWARD (COMICS FOR KIDS): Andrew Wheeler and Paulina Ganucheau for Another Castle (Oni Press)

T.M. MAPLE AWARD (contribution to comics outside creative and retail categories): Mark Aswith. Mark is a producer with Space channel and a longtime fan of comics. His credits include co-creating and producing the TVO television series Prisoners of Gravity and Space’s HypaSpace news program.
Sid Barron (1917-2006), editorial cartoonist and 1940s comic book artist.
-Jacques Godstyn aka Boris (b1958), comics maker for Les Débrouillards magazine.
-David Boswell (b1953), creator of Reid Fleming, World’s Toughest Milkman.
-Tom Grummett (b1959), longtime illustrator of superhero series for DC.