By BK Munn

Koyama Press has announced its slate of book releases for Spring 2019. The list includes 3 books for children and features new work by horror master Emily Carroll and Wowee Zonk co-founder Chris Kuzma. We can probably expect these titles in time for TCAF.


From the press release, read in full here:

Castles, quests, demons, and ghosts fill the pages of the Koyama Press Spring 2019 season.

First up, we are incredibly excited to bring Emily Carroll’s When I Arrived at the Castle from out of the long shadows and perilous corridors. Drawing on Romanticism, Gothicism, video games, myth, horror, feminism, furries, and fan culture Carroll’s comics are a melange of Atwood and anime, Blake and body horror. With her web comics and short story collection Through the Woods, Carroll has established herself as this generation’s preeminent horror cartoonist and here presents a truly modern horror feast preying on the psyche of today’s youth.

Next we have Wowee Zonk alum Chris Kuzma making his solo debut with Lunch Quest. Richard Scarry meets Regular Show in this surrealist slacker series of stories. Akin to Pee Wee poking around the Playhouse and finding the frozen vegetables up to no good, and the dinosaurs in the wall dealing with a familial dispute, Bunny has found that his house holds much more crazy than clutter, as he quests for his lunch.

With A Children’s Book of Demons, Aaron Leighton has filled a book with demons, but they certainly aren’t diabolical, rather these spirits are adorable and iconic—Leighton is the designer behind Koyama Press’ very own icon: Kickass Annie—each one so well crafted, from their description to their illustration, that you expect them to walk off the page and star in their own Saturday morning cartoon.

For the past four years, Ben Sears has been building an incredible world of quirky characters and rip-roaring adventures under the Double+ banner. In this short time, over three standalone volumes, he has created so much awesome he has likely raised worldwide levels. House of the Black Spot is no exception!

An exciting and decidedly supernatural Spring awaits!