For the small press, zine and underground comics scene in Montreal, this is a big weekend.

By Salgood Sam

While the capes and tights crowd might be downtown checking out the Mini-Comiccon de Montréal, most of those in the know will be at EXPOZINE, an exciting and diverse affair. The true comics fans will be attending both for sure, given both are free to enter! 😉

Book publishers mainly, but also cartoonists, print makers and artists will be gathering in a new location for the event in La Petite-Patrie, near the Jean-Talon metro station. The show is happening at 1025 Bélanger this year, in/under the Saint-Arsène Church, Église Saint-Arsène. 

Along with the books prints, beer, snacks and comics to consume, there will be programming including spotlighting including new literary voices in a bilingual reading on Sunday, November 25. And a round table about Mainmise, a  legendary countercultural magazine published by Bruno Boutot and Rolland Vallée.

For many in the indie publishing world in Montreal, this is the most-anticipated event of the year. ARCMTL claims it will be bigger than ever, with more than 250 publishers and self-publishing authors & artists, from across North America and abroad to join in!

The event regularly hosts thousands of browsing and buying visitors each year. Full disclosure I [Salgood Sam] regularly table at it and it’s often one of the most lucrative events for me that I attend all year. So yeah, i’m a bit bias, but I’ll stand by that claim.

“The zines, a space of radical intimacy, and interview” : Radio-Canada

Fans of printed things routinely discover new and the often hard to find elsewhere, from books and publications of various genres; subversive literature to radical poetics; politics to the uncategorizable.

If you’re searching for new novels, graphic novels, anthologies, essays, zines, magazines, and comics or hand-printed art books and zines, you’ll find it here!

Expozine 2010

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Expozine is organized by ARCMTL, , with financial assistance from the Conseil des arts de Montréal and SODEC.