by BK Munn

The organizers of the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo have sold their interest in the Saskatoon aspect of their empire to Prairieland Park, the event hosting venue.

The deal was announced Monday. Expo owners Mike Fisher and Chris Bernhard, who founded the event 8 years ago and still run a similar event in Regina, say they wanted to grow the event beyond what their current resources would allow. Prairieland also owns and produces the Saskatchewan Blue Cross Gardenscape, The Saskatoon EX, and the Small Business Christmas Parties – along with co-producing a number of cabarets and other Signature Events.

The new owners will put on this year’s event at the World Trade Center Saskatoon at Prairieland Park September 11, 12 & 13, 2020. The event will expand to include Friday evening, and will change its name to the Saskatoon Entertainment Expo and move to April starting in 2021.