by BK Munn

After decades of fronting Canada’s most mysterious and perhaps (?) nonexistent musical ensemble, the legendary All-Star Schnauzer Band, cartoonist Marc Bell has at last emerged as part of a seemingly “real” band, Marmalade Duplex.

A recording of 13 songs by the trio, made up of Bell, Brad De Roo (Brad De Roo, Comedy for Airports) and Tyson Brinacombe (Tyson and his Gameboy, Esther Gray), is due May 1st, pressed on vinyl in a Bell-designed package dubbed “Marmalade Duplex Play The Tuna Olive Village”. The slab is being released on Corduroy Palace Records and is available for preorder here.

The first single, Jellied Salad Juggernaut, is accessible below, b/w two bonus tracks not on the full album: