Treat yourself to a surprise in the new year by backing a Canadian comic book Kickstarter. Some fresh new books to consider covering life, horror and history. Directly supporting fresh talent through Kickstarter is a great way to give new creators a chance to prove themselves and build their portfolio so they can be ready for larger opportunities. Or a great way to support some well established creators with their passion projects. So see if there’s any of these projects that interest you. Links in the headlines lead to the project page to back.

Welcome to Mina’s: A Diner Comic Anthology

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Welcome to Mina’s is Cloudscape’s latest anthology all about Vancouver and the people who live in it through the lens of a fictional diner: Mina’s. The book was created and edited by Cloudscape board member, Emily Lampson and features heartwarming stories of life, love, and food, all of which connects the stories characters when they enter Mina’s.  Some contributors have brought their own experiences to the book and others were inspired about moments throughout the history of Vancouver.  This book features ethnic diversity and represents all walks of life including individuals old and young, LGBTQ and people with disabilities throughout the history of the city we all love. 


From Ottawa based writer Riley Hamilton comes a comic set during the brutal Year of the Four Emperors as a tribe of nomads struggles to survive on the fringes of the Roman Empire. It is 69 CE; the death of Nero has thrown the Roman Empire into chaos. Several powerful generals have been proclaimed as Emperor by their legions and march on Rome to lay claim to the title Augustus. On the frontier of the Empire, a tribe of starving nomads, seeking food and supplies, have crossed into Roman territory. Ara, a young hunter and eager warrior, is among them and longs to fight against the famous steel men of Rome. He will receive his wish far sooner than he expects.

The Sleep Stories: Volume One

The Sleep Stories is an ongoing webcomic created by Michael Walsh detailing his dreams and night terrors. This collection includes the first 24 pages of the original webcomic PLUS a Kickstarter exclusive 5 page story. Michael Walsh is an Eisner award winning Canadian comic-book creator, based out of Hamilton, Ontario. In 2013 Michael co-created the IMAGE comic book series COMEBACK (soon to be a major motion picture) . After this, Michael launched a follow-up to the hit television series the X-FILES for IDW.

“The Sleep Stories are an ongoing series of comics based on my nightmares and, occasionally, the unreality of my waking life. Welcome to my rotting dreams.”

Michael Walsh


Lord Henry Sinclair must lead the descendants of the Knights Templar to protect an ancient secret from a ruthless enemy. By Roddy Williams, SINCLAIR, a sweeping adventure of the 600 year old theory behind the largest treasure hunt in history, and the most captivating and debated true story yet to be told.  SINCLAIR is the epic tale Lord Henry Sinclair and the legends of his voyage to Nova Scotia, Canada in 1398 AD. SINCAlR features swashbuckling adventure, colourful personalities, drama, twists and turns, history-shattering revelations, harrowing action and humour entwined in a study of duty in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. 


How can a hero save the people of his own city, when he can’t even save himself? A story of loss, betrayal, and fate.

Part of the Sandstone Comics group in Prince Edward Island. Indestructible #3 is the third issue in the series but previous issues are options for reward tiers. Issue 1 was part of the debut Sandstone Comics presents #1 and Issue 2 was kickstarted in 2019.

Last we saw, Marty (Nucleus) is confronted by an entity in a desolate world unbeknownst to him. The entity in question (Kaspar Tilt) seeks Marty’s assistance to help him take down a villain that has been hunting him through multiple dimensions. The fate of his and every other dimension rests in his hands as this unstoppable malefactor crushes realities around it. In doing so, Marty finds himself a new ally that is familiar to him. But Marty is still angry at his undeniable fate, he’s dying, and what will happen if he can’t save his city and possibly the world before he passes on.