This follows up our post of their earlier press here: Vancouver-based platform Crowdfundr has launched its Canadian Creators crowdfunding Spotlight.

The stated goal is bringing more awareness to the wealth of talent that exists within Canada’s art scene, which is kind of our thing too, for comics at least! So happy to point out their efforts.

We should mention our Magazine editor and publisher Brendan Montgomery recently moved the print editions of Sequential magazine to their site as well.

Participating creators will have their work boosted to a larger audience on the digital platform for free. Along with comics the campaigns include music, exhibitions, tabletop games, and other art forms.

Crowdfundr is newer creator-friendly crowdfunding platform specifically for creatives and indie businesses (publishers, producers, supporters). Campaigns are free to set up, Crowdfundr offers a number of free benefits for its spotlight participants: access to their team of success coaches and campaign set-up team and ongoing promotion through social media advertising, allowing them a reach far greater than what they could get through their own social networks.

There are 28 campaigns in the spotlight. Some of this year’s campaigns include:

The Canada Comics Open Library (CCOL) — a fully volunteer-run library dedicated to making comics more accessible and strengthening the comics community.

Faith and Sparkles World — an empowerment company specializing in children’s books inspired by Child Author Faith Abraham and her adventures with her sidekick dog, Sparkle.

Saulteaux — an (Ojibway)/Métis archaeologist, artist, craftworker, and curator Autumn Whiteway based in Mohkinstsis (Calgary, Alberta) who is requesting funding for a new body of work highlighting the issues of Residential Schools and Indian Day Schools, something her grandfather attended.

This spotlight is the latest in a series organized by Crowdfundr, go show some support for your favorite Canadian artists on the platform here!