• Toronto Sun policart Andy Donato is part of a group show at the Kipling Gallery. Mondo Italiano showcases the paintings of local Italian-Canadian artists.
  • Roxboro Library (110 Cartier St., Montreal) exhibits Benoit Laverdiere, illustrator and cartoonist –until Nov. 30. For more information, call 514 684-8247.
  • Also in Montreal, beginning Monday November 12, original art exhibit at Studio 9, from the collection of Martin Desroches comes work by Milton Caniff, Berke Breathed, Gene Colan, Dan Decarlo, Tony Millionaire, Raymond Poivet, Bill Ward, and more. 5835 Saint-Hubert. (info@studio9cs.com 514-272-6043. 7pm.
  • Jody Haucke and Chris Maxwell, owners of Ottawa’s The Comic Book Shoppe on Bank Street, are hosting an art gala for local artists to exhibit their comic art and genre-themed work.
  • via Drawn, the exquisite illustration and toys of Gary Taxali are on display in Chicago.


  • Pascal Blanchet’s White Rapids reviewed in the National Post.

Interviews/New Books

  • Megan Stewart interviews graphic memoirist Sarah Leavitt about her new book, My Mom Got Sick and Died, the story of her mother’s experience of Alzheimer’s.
  • Jennifer Contino interviews Jay Stephens, who has travelled back in time to work with the legendary U.S. superhero scribe Bob Haney on Teen Titans: The Lost Annual.
  • CBC Arts profiles Ann Marie Fleming, who has created a collage graphic novel about the life of her great-grandfather, Vaudeville magician Long Tac Sam, based on her award-winning 2003 film.


  • Quillblog’s Derek Weiler roundsup recent news about how booksellers are dealing with the strong loonie. One reaction involves “variable discounting,” which sounds like a way of averaging out wild price differences at the wholesale end of things.
  • Related: a Canadian blogger reflects on recent changes to the cover prices of Marvel and DC comic books