About to get to work on my own comics,

distracted by the pings of TweetDeck.

Some early MoCCA chater caught my eye. I missed a great show it sounds like. *Sigh*
A link to The Best Comics from the 2010 MoCCA Art Festival by nydailynews.com spotlighted some cool comics, as intended by the Tweet a couple of friends names jumped out at me.
Along with Susan Hughes & Willow Dawson for No Girls Allowed‘, Tory Woollcott’s graphic memoirMirror Mind was listed quite favorably, “One of the most exciting reads from this year’s MoCCA Festival” – She also charmed Jimmy of Comic News Insider, who listed her as the Star of his MoCCA Stash! Well oh my! 🙂 They did an interview it seems, so you too will be charmed i’m sure. It’s a great little book, we’ve posted about it here before. Check it out if you haven’t already.