Item: Rina Piccolo draws Toronto!
Item: Happy belated birthday Elizabeth Windsor! Or, if you were in Quebec, then remeber your Patriots and scowl at the Queen, cus’ its all good for national unity and all to be free to express yourself, eh? Bon.
(ed: Bryan says: Wow, I  looked at the May 2-4 post from 2007 and we seemed much more professional back then.) (ed:Max says yes, we posted it on the right day even. Woo, party!)
Item: Just took my shoes off after a long day! My dogs are barkin’! And had too many lime ‘n’ lagers…. (Ed:max thinks, this must be why it never got posted. 😉
Item: According to Wikipedia, “The present (1952) legislation governing Victoria Day, originally the birthday of Queen Victoria (born 24 May 1819) and now a holiday in her memory, Canada celebrates the day on the Monday on or before 24 May. However, it is not widely known that the official birthday of the reigning Queen, Elizabeth II (born 21 April 1926), is also, not by legislation but by proclamation (permanent in 1957), celebrated on the same Monday on or before 24 May. The two holidays are in law entirely distinct except for being appointed to be observed on the same day. The Queen’s official birthday is marked by the firing of an artillery salute in the national and provincial capitals of Canada and the flying of the Union Flag on buildings of the national government if there is a second pole already available. For Canadians in the warmest regions, Victoria Day is sometimes considered the beginning of summer, when theme parks and outdoor pools are opened, and other summer activities begin.”
Item: Kate Beaton Victoria gags!
Item: Are you ready for …. Captain Canuck … The Movie? (no says max)
Item: Sin Titulo, page 99.
Item: zzwwwwwwwwAnother new webcomic by Michelle Laframboise, “The General’s Daughter


  1. Hi Sequential gang!
    Thanks for the nod to my webcomic “The General’s Garden”. I am working on two other comics.
    Michèle Laframboise

  2. Author

    Yeah, i started to put together a Victoria Day c-list but i was very tired and drunkand it was very late and i think i even nodded off there at the end so thanks for posting my draft 🙂 it still has important content i guess but still embarrassing

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