Our first Summer Reading List comes from Sequential reader Stephen Lewis, of Guelph, Ont.
Please send us yours.

Summer Reading List
Ahhh long summer days, cold drinks and sitting on a sun-dappled deck with a good book. For my summer reading I usually let serendipity take the lead, but I do have a few books in my to read pile that need to be addressed.
I started July with an academic revisit to Frank Millers The Dark Knight Returns, followed by Anthony Brandt’s great look at the search for the North West Passage, The Man Who Ate His Boots. This put me in mind of Jacques Tardi’s The Arctic Marauder, leading me to his classic; Ici Meme/ You Are There, written by Jean-Claude Forest (author of the iconic Barbarella). I am currently reading James Mauro’s Twilight at the World of Tomorrow which is a great title, which only gets better with its sub title: “Genius, Madness, Murder, and the 1939 World’s Fair on the Brink of War.” As for if the book lives up to the moniker…? only time will tell.
My to read list starts with Pinocchio by Winshluss, a sumptuous feast for the eyes, soon to be followed by R. K. Narayan classic The Man-eater of Malgudi one of those books that sadly through no fault of its own keeps shifting further down my pile, a victim of the Library’s new book shelf. There are several old Carousel Magazines from the 80s calling my name, and I also look forward to reading Chester Brown’s new tome Paying For It, as well as a Bio on E.B. White I saw the other day. I imagine that the list is a constantly evolving thing and will branch out and grow depending on what the library has to offer, or what book stores and or comic shops I happen across in the next two months.
Now if you don’t mind, I plan to take your leave and get back to my deck, my chair and the grueling task at hand.