Lots of C’s for the list today: Coal, Comics, Canada, and Comics.

Item! Bah Humbug from George Feyer‘s Man in the Red Flannel Suit.
Item! I was kind of bothered to read this press release by John Denison, former publisher of Boston Mills Press, who is seeking free contributions to his serialized fantasy story about a cartoonist who teams up with his own superhero creation. No mention of compensation. I understand fans creating art for their favourite stories and characters in a classic otaku sense, but actively soliciting unpaid labour that you will then profit from seems a trifle problematic.
Item! Beguiling staffer John Anderon recommends 10 Tintin-related items.
Item! Koyama Press has a new website, designed by Squidface & The Meddler.
Item! The latest year-end surveys at the Shuster Awards blog include Diana Tamblyn, and I’m not sure I linked to the survey by the Shuster’s Kevin Boyd himself, who uses his own soapbox to make some really good points about digital, comics reprints, and the future of comics. You should read it!
Item! Scott Vanderploeg at Comic Book Daily picks his top 5 graphic novels of 2011.
Item! Happy Holidays from Graham Annable. I found this now vintage animated cartoon funny.
Item! Just because I’m boycotting Marvel myself over their treatment of Jack Kirby, his family and legacy, doesn’t mean I can’t link to Evan Annett’s “Top 5 Marvel Characters Inspired by Real People from Canadian History.”
Item! Does a song sung by “Little Eskimos” about Santa Claus count as Canadian Content?
Item! John Adcock tells us all about North Pole Nat. What a beautiful looking cover!


  1. John Denison is the former publisher of Boston Mills Press. John Denison was never an employee of the Porcupine’s Quill.

  2. Aw, thanks dudes. It’s spelled Evan Annett, btw, not Arnett. (Though the idea of being accidentally related to Will Arnett doesn’t sound so bad …)

  3. Author

    Oops! Corrected. THat’s what happens when I rely on reading and memory over cut and paste. (At least I got “ill” and “Press” right.)

  4. For such a short post, this C-List is just chock-full of typos. Also left the “s” out of designed but “deigned by Squidface and the Meddler” almost makes sense…

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