Cover Art by Kelly Williams
Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter is an anthology about hometown tales of mystery and the occult. 120 pages of colour comics including five creators from Canada (details below). Learn more on their kickstarter page and if interested, support them by November 27th.
Chloe Chan (Vancouver, BC) Chloe Chan is an illustrator currently working in mobile games. She has worked on several comics published in anthologies, including Elements: Fire, Bones of the Coast, Exploded view, and also Landon’s Shadow, which has been shortlisted for the Kodansha International Manga Competition. She has also worked on webcomics such as Honeydew Syndrome and Two Keys.
Shu Chen  (Vancouver, BC) Shu Chen is a Vancouver-based illustrator currently working in the mobile gaming industry. She takes inspiration from manga, historic art, and everyday people and objects around her.
Dino Caruso (Hamilton, Ontario) Dino lives in Hamilton, Ontario with his wife and two kids. He’s been published in a variety of anthologies and has projects currently available from Caliber Comics, Action Lab Comics and Markosia. He loves a good chocolate chip cookie!
Haley Boros (Vancouver, BC) Haley Boros is an illustrator, cartoonist, and graphic designer. She works with ink, markers, Procreate, and watercolours to create wonderfully cute and whimsical illustrations of botanicals, animals, and people. Haley lives in Vancouver, Canada with her husband Jessy and their dog Rusty.
Sunny Go (Vancouver, BC) Sunny is a Vancouverite who yearns to create. A fearless artist, Sunny loves tabletop games, comics, and animation. They have contributed to the cloudscape anthology Bones of the Coast, Bartkira and are currently working on an upcoming Red Stylo Media anthology based on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.