By Jamie Coville

Again, i was there too! I’ll have my own post in a bit, and Brendan has his posted here already!

But Jamie’s got the audio folks! Here’s his documentation of the really great Toronto Comic Con 2019!

Toronto Comic Con 2019 in 24 Photos!

Steve  Englehart Spotlight
(51:27, 47.1mb)

Englehart interviewed by Mark Askwith about working on The Prisoner comic, starting as an assistant of Neal Adams, how he became a writer, work outside of comics, working with Frank Brunner, Gene Colan, working with Jim Warren and Steve Ditko. Creating Master of Kung Fu, Star Lord, Captain America, Silver Surfer! Work at DC on Batman comics and the 1989 film,

Meet the Pros
(46:46, 42.8mb)

Brent Chittenden Moderated Phil Noto, Sean Galloway and Derek Laufman. They spoke about how they got started, and what’s it’s like to do what they do!

Denny O’Neil Spotlight
(49:59, 45.7mb)

Interviewed by Mark Askwith Denny O’Neil talks about how we went from journalism to comics, his near death experience, views on violence, Harlan Ellison, Green Lantern/Green Arrow, Neal Adams, doing detective stories, mentoring Frank Miller, rules for Batman, No Man’s Land story, Azreal, The Question, his son’s movie, how corporations affect the stories, and more!

Ron Wilson Spotlight
(45:36, 41.7mb)

Brent Chittenden interviews Ron Wilson about how he got started, love of Kirby, characters he would have loved to work on, He-Man, WCW comics and getting to know wrestlers and more!

The Rhythm Section of Comics: Ink and Colour
(45:49, 41.9mb)

On the panel was Craig Yeung, Jay Leisten, Nolan Woodard, Dave McCaig,
John Beatty and moderator Brent Chittenden. The group talked about what
lead them to colouring or inking, what tools they use for their jobs and how that’s changed over the years, keeping computer software and hardware updated, recommendations for scanners and printers, what they hate inking/colouring, the work process and notes from other creators, resolving creative conflicts, their tightest deadline and changing trends.