Crowdfunding has been a growing trend among independent Canadian creators as the best way to secure funding for a print run and promote a new creation before release. The COVID-19 pandemic has eliminated comic book conventions as a means for creators to sell their books so it seems like even more are turning to Kickstarter and similar sites to fund their comics. We’ve covered some campaigns recently so here’s a few more new ones to consider supporting. Most are already funded but you may still want a copy of them yourself since its still looking like conventions will be off for a while and who doesn’t love comic surprises in the mail. Links in the headlines lead to the project page to back.


The passion project of artist Andy Belanger who’s worked with all the major publishers and known for his Image series Southern Cross. Mother Trucker is a 36 page Sci-Fi space wrestling epic, about a bad ass wrestle goddess, trucking through the galaxy, searching for her long lost kid and looking to become the greatest champion of Truck Off, the Wrestlemania of the Star ways! Written and drawn by The Animal Bob Anger, with colors by Tatto Caballero, lettering by Serge Lapointe and graphic design by Dres13. 

Auric of the Great White North: A Long Winter

A 35-page, dialogue-free, black & white comic book continuation of Auric’s origin told by eight incredible artists. Imagine being destined to lead a battle against an evil-curse all the while having to wear the same face as your enemy.  Now picture starting-off that dangerous journey untrained and alone in the unrelenting embrace of the Great White North.


A journey through addiction withdrawal, guilt, pain and more, In a Dark Fantasy setting. All featured in stunning Acrylics visuals. By former DC and Marvel artist Marco Rudy.

“RDW” is a tale about coping. Coping with loss, responsibility, command, addiction, withdrawal and more. It also features social commentary, PTSD, corporate interests and much more, in a Dark Fantasy setting – all of that, in a striking visual package.

It is Asterix – Mister Robot – Samurai Champloo  The Witcher books, Promethea and the game GRIS, rolled into One.

Its as if the harsh reality of real life problems were informed by a world with Dragons and Spell-casting. Sometimes this can be the solution to all our problems and sometimes it can be the sole cause for them. In this particular case, we’re stuck in the middle, with Astrid, our protagonist, not knowing where to turn.

FOUR CHAMBERS OF FRIGHT With Dizzy The Disco Draculette #1

An “Elvira” inspired horror anthology with a sinister twist!

From the writer/creator of “Witch Creek Road” and the artist/creator of “Monsterella”, “Four Chambers Of Fright” features four heart-stopping tales of terror delivered by the sensationally sadistic, “Dizzy”.

Nevin Arnold (“Monsterella”, “Calavera The Undead”) and Garth Matthams (“Witch Creek Road”, “The Living Finger”), both monstrously huge fans of the classic horror comics and magazines of the 60s and 70s, have joined forces to create a sinister spin on the classic “horror host” narrated creepy comics of yesteryear.

In the tradition of the horror host, Dizzy spins multiple tales of terror, but unlike the many masters of the macabre that came before her, Dizzy tends to be a little more…involved in her work!

The Mistakes #1, Current Affairs

A young team of self-absorbed, petty friends who suddenly find themselves bestowed with great powers. Definitely the heroes we deserve.

A 24 Page full-colour comic book about 6 friends who receive powers by mistake. They were never meant to have them, but now they do. And we cannot predict what they will do next. 

The Mistakes  is a comedy-action comic series with a 12 issue story arc! This is the first issue out of the 12. That is right, we are committed to bring you a whole new series and then pitch it to NETFLIX! (or whoever will take us) If you are a fan of Rick and Morty, smart comedies, or comedy action in general, you’ll LOVE THE MISTAKES!